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Broccoli Emoji 它 Meaning

broccoli emoji

With a thick, robust stem and vibrant, bushy green florets, the broccoli emoji 它 is a digital replica of our much-loved (or loathed!) cruciferous vegetable. Let’s look at how it is used in messaging, with some great examples for you to use.

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What Does The Broccoli Emoji Mean?

First and foremost, the broccoli emoji 它 carries its most obvious meaning: It is a digital representation of the broccoli vegetable. But like any language, emoji-speak evolves, and this humble vegetable has taken on a few more interpretations.

A Symbol of Health and Nutrition

Given broccoli’s status as a nutrient-rich powerhouse, it’s no surprise the emoji is commonly used to symbolize healthy eating and a balanced lifestyle. For example, if a friend talks about starting a diet or wanting to live healthier, you might reply, “Sounds like a plan! Remember, 它 is your friend!”

Emblem of Wholesomeness

Aside from representing the actual vegetable and health, the broccoli emoji can symbolize wholesomeness or goodness. Perhaps you’re expressing approval of an action that aligns with your values; you could say, “That’s so 它 of you!”

Slang: A Little Controversial

On a slightly edgier note, the broccoli emoji has found its way into slang as a subtle nod to marijuana (weed), given the visual similarity of broccoli florets to cannabis buds. This usage is less widespread and might only be understood in some circles. Still, it’s undoubtedly part of the emoji’s multiplicity of meanings.

Here’s an example of a conversation using the broccoli emoji:

Jo: “I’m trying to eat healthier.”
Jamie: “That’s awesome! 它它它 are your best friends.”

Similar Emojis

Several other emojis share similar meanings to the broccoli emoji. The green salad , avocado , and green apple emojis all symbolize health and wellness, while the herb and leaf fluttering in wind emojis are sometimes used as understated references to marijuana.

Meaning from a Guy

When a guy sends the broccoli emoji to a girl, it could mean several things based on the context. It may represent his interest in health, his quirky way of calling her wholesome, or, in specific contexts, a discreet reference to marijuana.

Here are a few example texts a guy might send:

  • “You’re looking fit and healthy, been eating your 它?”
  • “Work’s tough, but remember, we need a bit of 它 in our lives.”
  • “Your new profile picture is so 它!”
  • “Did you know 它 is the secret to my fitness routine?”
  • “You’re just like 它, good for my heart.”
  • “Guess what I’m having for dinner? 它 soup!”

Meaning from a Girl

If a girl sends a guy the broccoli emoji, it could indicate her interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, her appreciation of his wholesome character, or in certain contexts, it might be a coded reference.

Here are some possible texts a girl might send:

  • “You’re the 它 in my life’s salad.”
  • “I loved our hike today, felt so 它!”
  • “Your kindness is as nourishing as 它.”
  • “Healthy lifestyle? More 它 please!”
  • “Today’s workout was tough! Need some 它 to recover.”

Popular Broccoli Emoji Combos

The broccoli emoji is often used in combinations to convey more complex ideas or feelings. For example, combining broccoli 它 and flexed biceps could symbolize a commitment to healthy living and exercise. Similarly, the combination of broccoli 它 and a laughing face might suggest someone finds the idea of eating broccoli hilarious.

Here are some examples of how the broccoli emoji 它 can be combined with other emojis in text messages:

  • “Going to the gym and making a big 它 salad for lunch. Let’s stay healthy!”
  • “Did you know that 它 are all good for your skin?”
  • “I am trying to keep a balanced diet 它. Wish me luck!”
  • “Going green for dinner 它. Join me?”
  • “I’ve found a new love for cooking 它. It’s a lot of fun!”
  • “My day: 儭儭∴氯儭∴它∴. Staying active!”
  • “I’ve decided: Today is a veggies only day 它踢!”
  • “Having a wholesome day 它儭. How about you?”
  • “Let’s go for a picnic! 左它”
  • “The secret to a healthy mind and body? 它毋儭儭” 

Common FAQs

When was the broccoli emoji introduced?

The broccoli emoji 它 was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and included in Emoji 5.0 in the same year.

How can I create the broccoli emoji?

The broccoli emoji can be created by simply selecting it from your emoji keyboard using the reference code U+1F966.

Is the broccoli emoji used differently across various cultures?

The interpretation of the broccoli emoji 它 can vary across different cultures, mainly depending on dietary habits, cultural views towards broccoli, or local slang terms. However, its primary associations with health and nutrition are pretty universal.

Can the broccoli emoji be used in professional communication?

Like many other emojis, the broccoli emoji is less formal and might only be appropriate in some professional contexts. However, it can add a touch of personality and fun to the conversation in less formal or more creative industries or during casual interactions with colleagues. Just be sure to use it in a context where its meaning is clear and appropriate.

Can the meaning of the broccoli emoji change based on the emojis it’s paired with?

Absolutely! Like words in a sentence, the meaning of an emoji can be influenced by the emojis around it. For instance, a broccoli emoji paired with a flexed bicep emoji might mean “healthy and strong.” In contrast, the broccoli emoji paired with a heart emoji 歹 could suggest “loving healthy foods.” Always consider the context when creating emoji combos!

Does the broccoli emoji have negative connotations?

While the broccoli emoji 它 is typically used to symbolize positive concepts such as health, nutrition, and wholesomeness, it could potentially have negative connotations for someone who dislikes broccoli or vegetables. But generally, it’s seen as a positive symbol.

Is the broccoli emoji popular?

The popularity of emojis can vary widely based on many factors, including geographic location, culture, and personal preference. While the broccoli emoji 它 might not be as universally used as, say, the heart emoji 歹 or the smiling face , it certainly has its place in conversations around health, wellness, and food.

Can I use the broccoli emoji on all devices?

The broccoli emoji 它 is a standard emoji supported on most devices and platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. However, the design of the emoji can vary slightly across different platforms.