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Crab Emoji 🦀 Meaning

crab emoji

In the colorful world of emojis, the crab emoji stands out with its distinct and intriguing character. Shaped like a reddish-orange crab, this seafaring emoji was approved as part of Unicode 8.0 in 2015 and added to Emoji 1.0 in the same year.

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What Does The Crab Emoji Mean?

The crab emoji has several meanings, depending on the context in which it’s used. The emoji might be used in conversation to share an experience or suggest a meal involving crab or a seafood dish. For example, someone might say, “Just had an amazing crab Thai curry at the new restaurant in town! 🦀”

The star sign Cancer is represented by a crab, so although its emoji symbol is officially the zodiac sign ♋, people often use the crab emoji 🦀 instead.

Some people use the crab emoji to express a ‘crabby’ or grumpy mood, eg, “Everything is getting to me today! 🦀🦀🦀”

However, the crab emoji also has some less obvious meanings on various platforms, including Snapchat and Twitter.

The Crab Rave Meme

When the ‘Crab Rave’ meme entered the internet’s collective consciousness, the humble crab emoji gained a new layer of significance. With this meme, the crab emoji transformed into a representation of celebration and the joyous marking of an ending, as illustrated in a tweet like, “Just finished my final exam! 🦀🎉.”

crab rave meme

Still, one must exercise discretion when referencing the ‘Crab Rave’ meme. Due to its associated meme, the crab emoji has occasionally surfaced in discussions and messages celebrating unfortunate life events, such as the demise of an individual or the termination of someone’s career. It has even been used when someone unpopular has died. However, such usage can easily tread into territories of insensitivity or disrespect.

What is Crab Emoji BMA?

The crab emoji BMA represents solidarity and unity among junior doctors who are part of the British Medical Association (BMA) in the UK. Originating from the Doctors’ Vote campaign in April 2023, it’s employed as a symbol against the “crab mentality” – a sociological concept describing how individuals in a group can hinder others’ success due to perceived threats to their own standing.

The crab emoji is used to express the collective desire for change, mainly better pay and working conditions. It’s become a widespread symbol on social media and various online platforms, often utilized in posts, emails, or even worn as a badge to demonstrate support for the BMA’s campaign. Thus, the crab emoji BMA is a potent emblem of unity and the commitment of junior doctors toward systemic improvements in their profession.

tweet on twitter using the crab emoji relating to the BMA

Emojis with Similar Meanings

The fascinating world of emojis offers an abundance of symbols that could serve as alternatives or companions to the crab emoji. If the topic revolves around marine life or a seaside outing, the lobster 🦞 or shrimp 🍤 emoji could serve as a good substitute or addition. 

In other contexts, where the crab emoji might denote a grumpy or irritable mood, consider using symbols that convey similar sentiments, such as the angry face 😠 or face with symbols over the mouth 🤬 emoji. 

Meaning from a Guy or Girl

When a guy or girl sends a crab emoji to their partner, it can be a lighthearted nudge about a shared memory or a favorite meal, such as in a message like:

  • “Surprise! Guess what’s for dinner tonight? 🦀”
  • “Looking forward to our beach day this weekend! 🦀🏖️”

However, it could also express deeper sentiments of shared struggles and unity, particularly in the context of the junior doctors’ use of the symbol in the UK. For instance, a guy might send a text like:

  • “We’re in this together. Let’s fight for change! 🦀”
  • “Proud to be a part of this community of dedicated doctors fighting for better conditions 🦀 #DoctorsUnite”
  • “Just got off a 12-hour shift. Exhausted but still fighting for change. 🦀 #DoctorsVote”

Popular Crab Emoji Combos

Combining the crab emoji 🦀 with other emojis gives it more depth and context. Below are some popular examples:

  • Crab + Palm Tree + Sun + Wave: 🦀🌴☀️🌊: This combination is perfect for depicting a relaxing beach day with possible seafood indulgence. It could be used in planning a day at the beach or reminiscing about a seaside holiday.
  • Crab + Party Popper + Confetti Ball + Music Notes: 🦀🎉🎊🎵: Inspired by the ‘Crab Rave’ meme, this combination takes the celebration factor up a notch. It may be used to express excitement or happiness over the conclusion of an event or to celebrate good news.
  • Crab + Plate + Knife and Fork + Thumbs Up: 🦀🍽️🍴👍: This set of emojis can denote the enjoyment of a delicious seafood dish. It might be used in a food review or to express anticipation for a favorite meal.
  • Crab + No Entry Sign + Red Circle + Megaphone: 🦀🚫🔴📣: This combo might be used to convey strong opposition to the ‘crab mentality’ and to rally for unity and reform, much like the usage by the British Medical Association’s junior doctors. It emphasizes the need to be vocal and firm against resistance to change.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Crab Emoji mean in the Urban Dictionary?

On Urban Dictionary, the crab emoji 🦀 is primarily associated with the ‘Crab Rave’ meme, symbolizing a celebratory sentiment or marking the end of an event humorously.

Can I use the crab emoji in my social media profile?

Absolutely! Many people use emojis like the crab emoji in their social media profiles to express their personality and interests or to add a fun touch. It could represent your love for the beach, seafood, or Cancer – the zodiac sign.

Is the crab emoji the same across all devices and platforms?

The basic design of the crab emoji is consistent across most platforms, depicting a reddish-orange crab viewed from above. However, the exact appearance can vary slightly between different operating systems and apps, due to their specific emoji designs.


Ultimately, the crab emoji 🦀 is much more than a digital crustacean. As it continues to evolve and adapt to our digital language, it’s a testament to how emojis are an integral part of our communication in the contemporary world. So the next time you use or see the crab emoji, remember its rich connotations and use it thoughtfully to express your emotions and messages!