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Eggplant Emoji 🍆 Meaning (Aubergine)

eggplant emoji

In emojis, the eggplant 🍆, or as it’s known in British English, the aubergine, holds a rather unique position. This emoji, depicting a long, bulbous, bright purple vegetable with a leafy stem, was first brought to life as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Aubergine”. It entered Emoji 1.0 in 2015, broadening its reach across different devices and platforms.

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What Does The Eggplant Emoji Mean?

There’s more to the eggplant emoji than meets the eye. Despite its innocuous origins as a representation of the purple vegetable, the eggplant emoji is most widely recognized today as a symbol for a penis. This shift in meaning took off due to the emoji’s suggestive shape, and it’s now commonplace to see it in digital conversations with an amorous or playful tone.

For instance, let’s consider a hypothetical conversation between Alex and Jo:

Alex: “Hey Jamie, what are you up to tonight? 🍆👀”
Jo: “Oh wow, that escalated quickly! 🍆🔥”

In this exchange, Alex is playfully insinuating a sexual context, and Jo humorously acknowledges it.

In the following conversation, Chris uses the eggplant emoji in its literal sense to hint at cooking eggplant for dinner, while Jordan takes a playful jab by insinuating the suggestive undertone associated with the emoji.

Chris: “Guess what I’m cooking for dinner? 🍆”
Jordan: “Oh really? I bet it’s not just eggplant parmesan you’re thinking about! 🍆😉”

Emojis with Similar Meanings

The eggplant emoji is not the only one that carries sexual undertones in the emoji universe. Others, like the peach emoji (🍑), often used to represent a butt and the banana emoji (🍌), another phallic symbol, share similar connotations. These emojis, among others, continue to push the boundaries of digital communication, adding a layer of suggestive humor to our text exchanges.

Meaning from a Guy

When a guy sends the eggplant emoji to a girl, it often has a flirtatious or suggestive tone. Of course, this isn’t always the case, but being aware of this potential implication is essential. It’s also important to note the context and the relationship between the parties involved.

  • “Are you free tonight? 🍆”
  • “Wanna Netflix and chill? 🍆”
  • “You, me, dinner? 🍆”
  • “What are you wearing? 🍆”
  • “You looked hot today 🍆”
  • “Your pics got me like 🍆”
  • “I can’t stop thinking about you 🍆”

Meaning from a Girl

When a girl sends the eggplant emoji to a guy, it could also be her way of making a playful or flirtatious statement. Again, the context and nature of the relationship are crucial. 

  • “Guess what I’m thinking? 🍆”
  • “You owe me a date night 🍆”
  • “I had a naughty dream about you 🍆”
  • “Feeling frisky tonight 🍆”
  • “You’ve been on my mind 🍆”
  • “Missing our fun times 🍆”
  • “Can’t wait for our weekend getaway 🍆”

Popular Eggplant Emoji Combos

Emoji combinations can add another layer of meaning to your messages. For instance, pairing the eggplant emoji (🍆) with the water droplet emoji (💦) can be a suggestive combo referring to ejaculation (🍆💦). Meanwhile, the eggplant emoji (🍆) plus the peach emoji (🍑) often implies sexual intercourse (🍆🍑). Understanding these combinations can aid in deciphering the nuances of digital conversation.

Here are some examples of texts using aubergine combos that can be sent from a guy or girl to their partner:

  • “Are you ready for some fun tonight? 🍆🍑”
  • “I had a naughty dream about us…🍆💦🍑”
  • “Just thinking about our last night together…🍆🔥🍑”
  • “It’s hot out, let’s cool off in the pool 🍆💦👙”
  • “Feeling extra frisky today…🍆🍑😏”
  • “Just bought some fresh fruit… 🍌🍓🍆😉”
  • “Let’s cook up something special tonight… 🍆🍲🍑”

Common FAQs

Was the eggplant emoji ever banned? 

Due to its phallic use, the hashtag #🍆 was once banned in 2015 on Instagram’s search function.

Is it inappropriate to use the eggplant emoji? 

The appropriateness of the eggplant emoji depends on the context and the relationship between the people communicating. It’s crucial to consider these factors before using it. 

Can the eggplant emoji be used in professional communication?

Using the eggplant emoji in professional settings is not generally recommended because of its suggestive connotations. Professional communication should always maintain decorum and clarity, which could be compromised by emojis with sexual undertones.

Is it okay to use the eggplant emoji with friends? 

The appropriateness of using the eggplant emoji with friends really depends on the nature of your friendship and your shared understanding of the emoji’s meaning. It’s usually used in a humorous or playful context among friends.

Why is dreaming of an eggplant considered lucky in Japan? 

Dreaming of eggplant on the first night of the New Year is considered a good omen in Japanese culture. This tradition originates from the auspicious language play between the word for the first dream of the year, “hatsuyume”, and the word for eggplant, “nasubi”, both homophones for words relating to achieving success.

Are there other emojis that have taken on different meanings? 

Absolutely. Like the eggplant emoji), several other emojis have taken on meanings separate from their original representations, often due to their visual characteristics or cultural contexts. Examples include the peach emoji (🍑), often used to symbolize a butt, and the fire emoji (🔥), frequently used to express admiration or approval, as in “you’re on fire!”.

How can I make the eggplant emoji?

You can easily conjure up this peculiar purple symbol on your device by typing in its Unicode, U+1F346, or by selecting it from your emoji keyboard. 


The emoji’s transformation from a simple vegetable representation to a symbol of sexual innuendo highlights the creative, often cheeky ways we express ourselves online. So the next time you see or use this peculiar purple symbol, remember there’s more to it than meets the eye.