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Octopus Emoji 🐙 Meaning and Usage

octopus emoji

Have you ever wondered about the meaning behind the octopus emoji, that cute little character that pops up on your phone? The octopus symbol 🐙 earned its official recognition in 2010, thanks to Unicode 6.0, and later made its way into Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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What Does The Octopus Emoji Mean?

Like many emojis, the octopus emoji wears several hats. Given its aquatic nature, its basic interpretation might be as straightforward as referencing the sea or the ocean. However, this emoji’s significance extends beyond its habitat.

Intelligence and Creativity: One fascinating aspect of the octopus emoji is its association with intelligence and creativity. This comes from the real-world attribute of octopuses, known to be remarkably smart and inventive creatures. So, when someone sends you an octopus emoji, they might be complimenting your cleverness or inventive spirit.

Love and Affection: An intriguing cultural twist to the octopus emoji comes from Japan. Here, this emoji often symbolizes love or affection. This connection is drawn from the Japanese language, where the word for octopus, “tako,” sounds similar to “koi,” the word for love.

Deception and Trickery: Like the many-faceted creature it represents, the octopus emoji also has a darker side. Its ability to change colors and blend with surroundings, a characteristic of real octopuses, lends this emoji to signify deception or trickery. Thus, the context becomes critical in deciphering the intended meaning when this emoji pops up in your messages.

Similar Emojis and Their Meanings

Emojis with meanings that overlap with the octopus include the fish emoji, representing aquatic life, and the wave emoji, signifying the sea. The brain emoji could be a counterpart when the octopus emoji is used to symbolize intelligence. Similarly, the heart emoji might resonate with the octopus when used to denote love, particularly in Japanese contexts.

Meaning from a Guy

When a guy sends an octopus emoji to a girl, it can have multiple implications. He might be playfully referring to her as intelligent or creative, or if they share an understanding of the Japanese context, he might be trying to express affection. However, it’s also possible he’s hinting at a tricky situation or some playful deception. 

Here are some example texts a guy might send to a girl using these emojis:

  • “You’re as smart as an 🐙!”
  • “I’m totally 🐙 about you.”
  • “Be careful with this one; he’s a bit of an 🐙.”
  • “Solving that problem was pure 🐙 work!”
  • “You’re a real catch 🐙.”
  • “Working on my latest project… feeling like a real 🐙 here!”

Meaning from a Girl

Similar interpretations can be made when a girl sends the octopus emoji to a guy. She could express her admiration for his intelligence or creativity, show affection, or signal that she’s onto his sly tricks.

Here are some example texts a girl might send to a guy using these emojis:

  • “You’re such a genius! Total 🐙 vibes.”
  • “I’m feeling like an 🐙, totally in love.”
  • “Don’t think I can’t see through your 🐙 tactics.”
  • “This painting you made is so 🐙!”
  • “Guess what? I’m totally 🐙 about you.”
  • “You were totally the 🐙 at the party last night!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the octopus emoji a compliment?

It can be! If the sender uses it to acknowledge intelligence or creativity, it’s definitely a compliment. However, its meaning varies based on the context and the relationship between the sender and receiver.

What does it mean if someone sends me an octopus emoji out of the blue?

The meaning of an octopus emoji can vary depending on context, so if it appears out of the blue, it could mean a few different things. The person could be referencing something related to the sea, or they might be highlighting qualities of intelligence or creativity. If you’re unsure, it’s perfectly okay to ask the sender for clarification.

How popular is the octopus emoji?

Emoji popularity varies across different platforms, demographics, and regions, and trends change over time. At the time of writing, the octopus emoji is not among the most commonly used emojis. Still, it has a steady usage rate, especially among those who appreciate its various symbolic interpretations.

Can I use the octopus emoji in professional communication?

While it’s usually best to avoid using emojis in formal or professional communications, using emojis like the octopus can be acceptable in less formal, more casual professional contexts. It depends largely on your relationship with the recipient and the workplace culture.

Are there any other animals that symbolize intelligence in the emoji world?

Yes, other than the octopus, the owl emoji is commonly used to symbolize wisdom or intelligence, drawing from the association of owls with wisdom in many cultures.

What’s the easiest way to find and use the octopus emoji on my phone?

Most smartphone keyboards allow you to search for emojis by typing a relevant keyword. You can usually bring up the octopus emoji by typing “octopus” in the emoji search bar on your phone’s keyboard.


As we navigate the vast sea of digital messaging and conversations, emojis like the octopus serve as handy navigational buoys, helping us express thoughts and emotions that words sometimes fail to capture.